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Mediterranean Taste Awards - MTA

The creation of the Mediterranean Taste Awards was based upon a simple and clear vision, which is to spread the benefits and merits of the Mediterranean diet, through the discovery and promotion of the most innovative, brilliant, and unique in taste food creations.

In our organization, we are strong proponents of the idea that the Mediterranean Food has No Boundaries and our mission is to do our best to find those producers who passionately create unique in taste edible products with top quality ingredients and present them to the wider food community via a transparent and unique evaluation process. 

The first year’s competition and Next steps

Having successfully completed the first Mediterranean Taste Awards 2020 with the participation of 330 food brands and 290 awarded brands, we continue with confidence and optimism to the second  Mediterranean Taste Awards 2021. The second year of the competition, brings significant changes and additions with regards the structure of the awards by adding distinct Food Product Award Categories where food producers can choose to compete and also we have added New Geographical Locations and  New Award Categories.

Read more for the MTA awards here.

With the participation in Mediterranean Taste Awards 2021, producers get the unique opportunity to enhance the recognition, visibility, and promotion of the food & beverage brands. In addition, the producers will have the chance  to differentiate their brand from its competitors and increase the potential of reaching new customers in different geographical locations and also further enhance their brands reputation in the areas where already operate.

The food & beverage brands will be:

  • Evaluated by top class food scientists and experts in the food – beverage  and gastronomy industry
  • The awarded brands will be promoted directly to our 5000 European based trade-buyers and food merchants
  • The awarded food & beverage brands will be listed on the with the full description and award characteristics of the each awarded brand
  • The winners will also get promotion through the MTA 2021 social media marketing camping including its monthly newsletter reaching thousands of food industry participants as well as individual customers.
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